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Funeral Planning


Memorial services and funerals serve a number of purposes. They give us the chance to say goodbye and offer an opportunity for friends and family to gather together to start the journey through the grieving process.
In the end, the key reason most of us go to the time and expense of holding a funeral or memorial service is that we want to honor the life of the person who has died.
Historically, when it came to planning a funeral, we turned to religious traditions to provide us with a framework. While religion is still an important consideration, these days, many people look for secular ways to reflect the person’s complete life. That means most modern funerals incorporate remembrances of hobbies, interests, and passions that are outside of religion.
Modern funerals and memorial services often include a Celebration of Life. These unique services are designed to offer a joyous commemoration of the impact deceased had on the people around them.

For the family, a good funeral may be one that they can look back on and say that the person being honored would have approved. For everyone attending, the service will likely be one that invokes memories of the deceased and puts them on the path toward healing. The hallmark of a good funeral is that when it is over you are left knowing that it paid tribute to the unique life of the deceased and it was worthy of their memory.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about personalizing a funeral or memorial service is that your options are nearly unlimited. In fact, attend a funeral today and you are likely to see a photo display, a memorial wall, pieces of the deceased’s collections, or some other tangible collection of personal artifacts. Each of those things can bring a unique and touching element that helps those attending the service remember the deceased. But a truly personal service will require a little planning.

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