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Will & Estate Planning

If you pass away without a Will, you lose control on who gets what from you. People who you want to provide for or who deserves a share of your fortune may not be able to get anything. You may not even be taken care of the way you wish. Inheritance laws provide a mechanism for distributing your assets. The law provides nothing as to how you may wish to be buried or where.

A well structure and thought through WILL gives you the control you should have. Allowing you to take care of people who matters to you and to share your assets in the way you want. In certain scenario, especially when assets are in locations with heavy inheritance tax, benefits could be achieved to allow more to be distributed.

A person’s death is an emotional and stressful event. Your love ones and people who care for you may have different perspectives or views as to what you want or how you want to be remembered. Harmony can be promoted with clarity of your wishes expressed in a Will.

How we can help

Most people recognise they need a Will but simply don’t do anything about it. Many put it off to another day and a significant number of individuals passed away without one in place.
Many people put Will Writing into the “I’ll do that later” or the “That’s too difficult” list. We provide assistance and service in will preparation to put your mind to peace in simple ways with an Estate Planning Service.

Appointing guardians
Leaving the court to decide who will look after your children may not have the best outcome. Be responsible and ensure that both temporary and permanent guardians are appointed.

Will Writing
We provide Will Writing services that take care of your simple wishes offers you the peace of mind that, should the worse happen, your loved ones will be taken care of.

Enduring Powers of Attorney
Create an Enduring Power of Attorney to make sure that the right people take care of your well being and your finance in the unfortunate event that you are not in a state or capacity to do so. Living Wills or Advanced Directives allow you to stay in control and your dignified wishes be known.

Estate Planning and Family Protection
Creation of wealth is a goal many aspire to. Succession planning and wealth protection may best be rest with the master of the family who created those wealth in the first place.

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